Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Television at Home

Television is a contemporary material in every home. The entire occurrence in this world, somehow, relies to television. From current events, music, entertainment, sports, weather, education, and news: television has contributed a lot to mankind. For adults television is a form of relaxation. And for others, it can give imperative information, which is helpful from their day to day living. And for young children, watching a television may give advantages and disadvantages. Advantage in such a way it can educate children about current events, it can awaken the talents of the child about music and arts, and it can recognize the different shows and programs like Disney's channel, Nickelodeon and many more. However, watching television also brings disadvantages, especially for young children. Children may view the TV shows differently (cannot distinguish reality from fantasy) and display aggressive behavior out of the show they’re watching. Furthermore, the time for studying may diminish, in consequence, in watching TV. A mother should always monitor their kids. And to take an action with it, here are some guidelines in dealing with negative effects of television at home.  

1.       Start supervising your young children as soon as possible. It would be very difficult to manage adult children because they already had perceptions about the enjoyment in watching television.  

2.       Enforce guidelines and important restrictions in what time and what day to watch TV. It is better to watch TV during weekends only. And for school days, it is better to have a limitation in time. You can have at least one to two hours in watching TV to facilitate study hours for children. And monitor their performance in school and their extracurricular activities.

3.       Choose the TV program that fits for child educational background. And to monitor your child, it is better to watch together with them and select the shows that give them additional learning and entertainment about the world, sciences, music or either history. When the show is over, imposed the rule of “turning it off”.

4.        Keep the television in an isolated place in the house. This will help you keep an eye with your children.

5.       Imposed everyday about the rules in watching TV. And when a child’s friend will come and stay in your house, try to inform the rules regarding watching TV. A mother has always the right to impose a system of rules in the house.  Instruct also your child to update their friends concerning TV rules.  

6.       Make sure that your baby sitter knows all TV rules to avoid confusion to the child. Monitor also the baby sitter, whether she goes after with the rules.  

7.       And to continue providing quality guidance to your children, it is better to research in the internet about shows that has no aggressive behavior. You can clarify to them the difference between the reality and fantasy. And most importantly to hear their point of view regarding the show to be able to choose the precise TV program to your child.